I strive to give my students my best...

I try to instill value, courage and confidence in my students...

I'm not so strict in my classes that I scare the students, but I do ask for and expect respect in class, and expect my students to show respect to others,especially their parents in and out of the DoJang. I love my students and I want them to know and feel the love and acceptance..

I don't judge where the student has come from or what disabilities they may have...

I strive to give each student what they need individually.

Welcome to Main Street Martial Arts!


  • Everyone comes to the school on the same level, everyone is judged on diligent practice,and dedication to the school, art and peers.
  • Students are promoted on individual basis, based on their own abilities.
  • Students will learn basic kicks, punches, blocks and stances, self defense techniques, and Kata's.
  • Through repetition and perfection these fundamentals will build the foundation for their martial art career.
  • Students will learn to develop the five Tenents Of Tae kwon Do


KENJUTSU (swords)

Something For Everyone

Main Street Martial Arts

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Instructors genuinely care about our kids and do a great job! Our son LOVES it.

Lea English Cate

The instructors and staff are attentive to the children and their needs and parents

Kari Dilbeck 

*14 five star ratings from current students and parents